Honey Stick Treat Holder Butterflies with Sample Sticks

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Honey Stick Treat Holders with 3 sample Honey/Agave Nectar Sticks. These nifty treat holders are made for hanging your Honey Sticks in the cage for the gliders to forage and play with on their own. No more loose sticks laying on the cage bottom, or having to hold them patiently while they lick away. Fitting the sticks into the chain allows the gliders to grab and gnaw at them to suck the treat out at will. The Shatter proof treat cup catches any honey that might slip down the straw to prevent a sticky mess in the cage, and if you run out of straws, simply stuff the cup with other treats for them to snack on like yogurt drops or mealworms. 

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Heather S.
Canada Canada

Honey Stick Treat Holder and Sample Sticks!

Let me start by saying Adorable! My gliders love the Honey Stick Treat Holder and the yummy nectar sticks! They are Colorful, Stimulating, Fun, Challenging and Delicious (according to my sugarbabies). I also love how it encourages them to use their sugarglider instincts in a "natural" way... they have to work for it! I highly recommend this product! ❤️

Leticia Y.
Canada Canada

Honey sticks

Easy to use. My gliders absolutely love them

Madison G.
Canada Canada

my gliders love it!

Amazing! my gliders absolutely love it! they like playing with the butterfly/ ball on itt!

Kim C.
Canada Canada

easy to use

The gliders love it

Erin H.
Canada Canada

So convenient

Definitely serves the purpose of being fun for my sugar glider, as well as catching any dripping honey from the sticks!