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Sugar Glider Neuter Surgery Videos- Pom On


I have taken part in 100's of Sugar Glider Neuters on both joeys and adults, and have found that Pom On neuters are the very best option to avoid self mutilation. While Pom off cautery, laser or surgery options might be quick and easy for the vet and seem less intrusive, in my experience they create more issues after the fact with self mutilation. When the Pom remains in place and no glue or stitches are used on the surface, the gliders pay no attention to the surgical site once they have completely come out of the anesthetic. The very small incision that is made in the scrotal sac is left alone by the gliders and typically seals up in about 48 hours. This is in comparison to Pom Off procedures, which in my experience has caused the gliders to fixate on the missing pom and incision site, chewing at it and self mutilating. In some cases needing to go back to the vet for restitching and requiring an E-Collar.

The most important thing for any style of neuter is the proper after care coming out of anesthesia. Every glider in my experience has some sort of agitation when waking up and the anesthesia is wearing off. The first thing that they will do is attempt to bite at their Pom. Most come out of it in just a few short minutes, but those that have a more difficult time with the anesthesia can spend 15 mins or more in a confused state trying to bite themselves and need to be held to prevent injury. A blanket wrapped burrito hold will keep their teeth away from their body and keep them safe as they become fully aware. Once the anesthesia has worn off they relax and just do a little cleaning in the area without incident.

Big Thanks to Dr Shauna, Dr Mike and the amazing staff at Midland Veterinary Service for their years of fantastic care on my Sugar Gliders and Chihuahuas.

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