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Hello, first let me say how much I truly appreciate all of my wonderful customers, adoptive parents and those who reach out to me for whatever their glider needs are. I would like to let those of you who don't already know, that I am a 1 person operation and during this time of lockdown when everyone is home sending messages and placing orders I don't have the option of bringing anyone in to give me a hand to keep up. So I ask that you please have patience with me while I get back to everyone as quickly as...

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Sales -

And your gliders...... For a very limited time cash in on our MASSIVE Treat Sale on our most popular food and treat items and check out some of our new inventory additions.              

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Our fabulous new website has launched.

We can now keep you updated with all of the exciting things taking place. 

Watch for sales, discounts and contests. 

See new joeys as they are progressing in the nursery.

Check out our blog for fun facts, questions from customers, reviews of products, new joey arrivals and so much more.

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