Research Information Links

There is a great fountain of useful information on the web regarding sugar gliders, and rather than having dozens of pages of information on my own website I've linked to the most helpful and recommended ones that I'm familiar with.

These first few links are a collection of articles or files covering a vast array of topics.

So You Want A Sugar Glider is the place to start for quick basics with real info on the cost/care and so much more of Sugar Gliders. Just keep in mind that the article is older and in $US so for us Canadians the prices will be higher on most things.  

Glider Central Articles - A really great place to start, Glider Central being one of the longest running and most helpful resources of glider information well before Facebook was around.

Suncoast Newslettter - An Archive of over 10 years of Newsletters from Suncoast Sugar Gliders covering a vast array of topics. Join Lisa and the adorable Arnold as they share years of wisdom and answer questions with amusing antics.

Gliderpedia - A Wiki of glider information with over 200 glider related articles. Please keep in mind that these articles are edited by the public so all information cannot be verified as being 100% accurate.

Suz Sugar Gliders Lots of great info on glider care 



The most commonly used diets are The Pet Glider Diet (TPG), Bourbon's Modified Leadbeaters (BML) and Original High Protein Wombaroo (OHPW)

Sugar Glider Info also has a number of different healthy and proven diet recipes that are a little less popular

Calcium to Phosphorus ratios- Keeping your Calcium to Phosphorus ratios in check is an important part of being a good suggie provider. There are lots of great charts on the net with ratios to help you in making the best fruit and vegetable choices.

From an archived Suncoast newsletter an alphabetized chart with a little bit of insight on why Ratios are important Link Here
A favorite Guinea Pig chart (because our gliders are not the only animals that this is important for) that lays out the highest Calcium Ratio offerings for Fruits and Veg's first
Link Here 

Meal-Worm Farming - is a great way to keep your mealworm's constantly in stock to keep your suggies on your good side. The quickest way to a suggies heart is through its stomach, and for many of them Mealworms are the all-time favorite. 
Link 1   Link 2



Suitable Cages for Sugar Gliders can be rather difficult to find in Canada. While there are many different choices available in the US, having them shipped here will often cost you more then the cage itself. If you manage to come across free shipping options, then you are in luck. Cages MUST have bar spacing no larger then 1/2" and should be a minimum of 18x20x36, with height being of most importance. We do carry a cage in our store here, but due to extremely expensive shipping charges it must be picked up or hand delivered in the area.

Many people choose to build their own cages from popular options like PVC pipe and plastic hardware mesh as shown here in this tutorial 



Sugar Glider Anatomy - Great collection of pictures labeling different anatomy parts. 

Glider Colors - The most inclusive and informative page of colors I’ve seen on the net

Sounds- A collection of Videos and Wave files to hear some of the different sounds your gliders might make and the explanations behind them.


Self Mutilation - Many different sites and sources talking about SM causes and concerns as well as treatments

Link 1   Link 2   Link 3   Link 4

E-Jackets VS E-Collars

Plans for making your own E-collar
Satellite E-Collar
Shot Glass E-Collar Link 1
DIY E-Collar (Video)

Neutering FAQ's - An amazing article with some excellent information

Help with Rejected Joeys



Suncoast Bonding Series - An excellent 6-Part series on what to expect with bonding along with great tips and strategies to do it. If you don't have time to go through the whole series, I'd especially recommend reading Part 5 as I feel it is the most important of them all and should be read by every glider keeper new and experienced.

Part 1 - The Human Attribute and the importance of confidence
Part 2 - Glider’s bond by Scent
Part 3 - So how long should bonding take?
Part 4 - Tent time
Part 5 - The realities of bonding
Part 6 - Are my gliders bonded?

The King Kong analogy by Bourbon - How large and scary we must seem to them