Joey Shipping



We ship our joeys/gliders across Canada from coast to coast using Air Canada Live Animal Cargo, to any major airport. We have done this for over 10 years with no problems at all and have hundreds of happy parents throughout the country. Shipping gliders is simple and safe with very little stress on the animal. To insure this we require direct daytime flights to prevent layovers and possible mishandling during plane changes. Using daytime flights only, helps to ease the stress on the gliders as in most cases they are curled up in their bag asleep and barely notice anything has taken place until they wake up in their new home. We use airline approved small carriers which have a ventilated box secured inside to prevent excessive movement with your joeys safely nestled inside. Scent blankets from the family pouch are included to ease their transition and a full selection of dry foods and moist fruits for hydration are included with plenty of extra, just in case of delays if they should happen to need it.