Our Story

Sugar Glider CarPeekaboogliders was established in 2006 after it became apparent that there was a desperate need for glider accessories and supplies in Canada. After having our gliders for years with no means of purchasing what they needed on our side of the border I started creating toys and cage sets which were "Vendor Approved" by a lovely collection of ladies on Glider Central. Since the glider population in Canada was rather small at that time, a great deal of my creations actually ended up leaving here and going into the US. As time went on and demand increased we started carrying food and supplements from The Pet Glider, treats and eventually even creating Screen Mesh Enclosures. We quickly became the Canadian Source for everything glider. During this time we started our own breeding project with a trio of lineaged White Face Blonde gliders that we brought over from the US. We went on to add Leucistic and Platinum over the years, and continually have brought in all new bloodlines and colors from the US, always being sure to maintain our reputation of responsible breeding with good lines and healthy joeys. Now almost 15 years later we are the longest running supplier of glider accessories and hand tame joeys in Canada and we are still here providing for you and your little fuzzies. A few years ago we decided to expand our efforts in reaching out to new glider owners and parents to be and went with a Rebranding which has effectively allowed us to do this, and so Peekaboogliders is now known as Canadian Sugar Gliders.

We pride ourselves in being responsible, ethical breeders for almost 15 years running. What does this mean exactly, well for starters all of our gliders have full lineage going back eight generations or more. We have some of the lowest COI%'s in Canada and strive to produce the best quality animals possible with health and temperament being first and foremost. Having proper clean lines and full lineage means that our unrelated gliders have much less of a chance of carrying genetic defects which are more common in animals with unknown origins that can shorten the lifespan of your new family member. All of our joeys are gently handled from the first day out of pouch right up until they join your family. This insures that they will be tame and well socialized, ready to start bonding in their new home. We support our joeys for life, whether they remain with the original families or not. Sometimes life can throw a curveball and even the most dedicated parents need to rehome their gliders for the animal’s best interest. If this is the case, then our support extends to the new family and beyond as our concern is always number one for any glider born to our home. We have been there for the lives of all of our bundles of joy born into Peekaboogliders, and will continue to be there, for the life of yours.

Canadian Sugar Gliders was excited to be home to the first Ruby Leu/Plat breeding pair in the country as well as Black Face Black Beauties. Don't forget we also breed for White Face, Leucsitic, Platinum, Cremeino, Cremeino Mosaic, True Platinum Mosaic, Ringtail Mosaic, Piebald Mosaic and all other Mosaic variations and of course the ever adorable Standard Grey. We welcome you to come visit our little family and see how our animals are kept and raised. Feel free to join us during one of our Open Houses to spend some time with us to handle our gliders and your possible new joey. Take the opportunity to ask questions and observe nail trimming, diet making, tent time or whatever else you might be curious to see. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our beloved family of fuzzies.