Preparing for your Sugar Glider- A list of Must Haves

Preparing for the Arrival of your Sugar Glider- A list of Must Haves


  • Sugar Glider CageCages- $100-$400. There are a variety of cages available, however, sugar gliders must have a cage that is a minimum of f 18”L x 30” W x 36” tall. Bar spacing must be ½” or less or they will escape, even if it is only the slightest bit bigger. One of the best higher end cages you can get is sold at Petsmart. It is made by the company All Living Things and costs $329.00 CDN. This cage meets the dimension requirements as well as the bar spacing requirements, is easy to clean and will last quite a long time if well cared for. In the store we carry a suitable lightweight cage which is ideal for Sugar Gliders although not as sturdy and long lasting as the All Living Things Cage, but more cost efficient for starting out. It is also too large to ship economically, so pick up locally in the Toronto area is required. 

  • Spin Zone Global Sugar Glider WheelsExercise Wheel- $50-$100. This is an absolute MUST HAVE as gliders need to exercise and burn off energy to keep from going stir crazy in their cages all night long. This will help them to stay healthy and fit and nurture their natural instinct of running and foraging in the wild, where they cover long distances. Please note that glider safe wheels are not sold in pet stores and can be purchased online at our store or by other approved vendors in the US. Glider safe wheels include Raptor wheels, Stealth wheels, Custom Cruiser wheels, and Spin Zone Global/Fast Track wheels and Treadmills.


Sugar Glider Cage Sets



  • Cage Sets- $50-$100 or more. A cage set should include items such as sleeping pouches, open pouches, hammocks, vines, bridges, cubes, etc. Items should be made specifically for sugar gliders to ensure safety. The most important of all these items is the sleeping pouch. You many choose to purchase a set that comes with more than one, as this is where your gliders will spend most of their sleeping hours. Please note that you will need C-Links or another safe type of link to hang your sleep pouch and other items on the bars of the cage. It is a good idea to confirm with your vendor whether or not they include these with their pieces. Cage sets are made out of all fleece or cotton/flannel and fleece. Sugar gliders love to mark their territory, therefore you may find yourself washing your cage sets on a weekly basis, due to odor. It is a good idea to have more than one cage set, so that you can always have a set in the cage even while one is being washed. In most cases, vendors recommend washing these on gentle cycle or in a washer bag with scent-free laundry detergent. Items should be hung to dry as opposed to put in the dryer. Cage sets are available to purchase in the store.

  • Sugar Glider ToysToys- $30-$100 or more. This really depends on how many toys you would like to purchase as well as the type of toy. There are some bird toys that can be purchased in pet stores that are safe for sugar gliders, however, you do not want to purchase anything with metal, wood or rope. Gliders are very intelligent and get bored quickly. Enriching toys include foraging toys, pulleys, reset toys, as well as hideaways. People sometimes find great toys for the bottom of their cage at local thrift stores. Please note that these can make great toys, however, proper precautions need to be made to ensure they are safe for your gliders before you put them in their cage. 


    • Sugar Glider Food Water Dishes Food/Water Dishes- $10-20 There are a number of different styles that can be used effectively for sugar gliders. Water Silos work great as do Water Bottles, although with bottles you have to take extra precautions by checking daily that the ball valve isn't stuck, as they can sometimes jam. Food dishes can hang from the bars or sit on a shelf. Some people find their gliders to be quite messy when eating as they may throw food around the cage. When serving food on a shelf using what people refer to as a kitchen (covered plastic container like a cake carrying tray with holes melted into it for them to enter inside) can help contain some of the mess. 


    • Sugar Glider Bonding BagBonding Bag/Scarf- $25-$45 These are quite essential to aid in the bonding process as they allow you to carry your glider around with you during the day while they are sleeping and gives them that much more time to get used to your scent, sounds and movement. Keep your gliders on you as much as possible will help speed the bonding process along. 


    • Sugar Glider Bonding TentTent- $30-$100 While some find tents to be optional and may choose to glider proof a room for safety, I find that a tent will almost always speed the bonding process along exponentially, and therefore recommend them as being necessary. Even if you just borrow your neighbors kids ball tent for a few months, you will notice that with an enclosed space and only you to keep them occupied, a glider will be much quicker to engage with you when there is nothing else to catch their eye. Gliders are very curious and if there are other things going on in the room, they may not keep their focus on bonding with you, which is what you need in the early months.
    • Diet- $20-$40 This cost can vary, depending on the staple diet you choose to feed your gliders and the cost of fresh fruit or vegetables in the season. For The Pet Glider Diet (TPG), $20 a month should cover the cost of the ingredients you need, to make enough food for 2 gliders over the span of a month, as well as the required Vitamin Supplement, which has to be used for proper nutrition. You may also want to have some treats on hand for bonding, such as yogurt drops and meal worms. You can find TPG vitamins as well as a variety of treats available to purchase in our online store.

    • Vet Exam- $80-$120 or more This is always a good idea when you bring your glider home, or shortly after, especially if you aren't quite sure of the environment they were raised in. 


    So to get started with your gliders (depending on the supplies you buy) you can be looking at anywhere from $300-$1000+ and then you have to factor in the gliders themselves, if you don't already have them. 

    In the store we carry Complete Starter Bundles including Cages (available to those in the area) or without for those who need shipping, at great discounted prices. We also have smaller packages for those who have a few items already.