On occasion we will have adult gliders that have been retired from our breeding program that will be looking for a new forever home that you can find here 


Lovely Senior Couple Available- Burrito & Cassandra 

I am searching for the perfect home for this pair as they are very dear to me

Burrito (Leucistic) neutered and Cassandra (Standard Grey) are 7 and 8 years old and are in perfect health, so are likely to live to the expected age of 12-15 years. Burrito was born and raised here with me as a hand raised baby and they have been together his entire life so they can not be separated. Burrito is sweet and affectionate loves people and is very easy to handle. Cassandra generally prefers to do her own thing although she is still a really nice glider and will allow you to interact with her on her terms. I am looking for a glider knowledgeable family who has really done their research, that has the time to play with them daily, enjoy them in their golden years and doesn't mind updating me occasionally on how they are doing. I support my gliders for their entire lives, so I will be there every step of the way if you have questions about anything. They do have a minimal adoption fee and will come with extra accessories and a cage/wheel can be purchased if needed (for cages you must be within driving distance). If you are interested in this pair I do have an application process here

All of our gliders have lineage in TPG Database and are fed TPG diet. We have been breeding with lineage in Canada for almost 15 years for health, temperament and beauty. All gliders go home with a health guarantee, start up package (sleeping pouch, bonding bag, diet sample) and lifelong support from Canada's longest running most reputable lineaged breeder. 



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I support my joeys for life and sometimes things will happen that require our families to need a new home for their gliders. Here you will find information on those gliders available so that you can contact them if you are interested.