Nail Trimming Clip Set

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Nail Trimming Pouch Set

Make your nail trimming less stressful for both you and your glider.

Complete with

2 Different Hole Size, Zipper Mesh Pouches (9"x5.5") to fit any size glider 

1 Small Fleece Pouch,

Stainless Steel Slanted Clippers

1 Fleece  Blanket

Place your glider in the pouch with their favorite treats, and expose their toes through the mesh holes to clip the sharp nail tip. It will take some trial and error to find what works best for you and your glider and which size mesh to use. Go slow to get them used to it and prevent fear, even if it means just clipping a few nails at a time.

Wash by hand and hang to dry for the next use.