Treat Bundles- Take Your Pick

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Save Big on Treat Bundles and spoil your gliders with an assortment of goodies. 

Basic Bundle:

Yogurt Drops -200g

Agave Sticks -15pc

Mealworms -40g

Papaya -100g

Pineapple -100g


Extra Bundle:

includes the package above, PLUS

Butterscotch Drops -200g

Calciworms -40g

Glider Medley Too -100g

Eucalyptus Powder -1oz


Ultra Bundle: 

includes both packages above, PLUS

Peanut Butter Drops -75g

Dried Eucalyptus Leaves -1oz

Wombaroo Nectar -1oz

Acacia Powder -1oz

Bee Pollen -2oz