Wombaroo Marsupial Milk Replacer- 250g Original Box

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Imported from Australia and used in wildlife rehab for their native species, Wombaroo Milk Replacer has been formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of small marsupials. Milk substitute for Sugar Glider Joeys.

See this link also for complete joey rejection kits with all ingredients needed shown below.  

For help with Rejected Joeys and Hand Raising, complete with photos see Suz' Sugar Gliders

Directions for use are on the box, but below you will see information on the complete recipe for Joey Rejections. 

SAMPLE - Joey Rejection Emergency Kit - Makes 4 BATCHES for a couple of days

Be prepared in case of emergency! This sample of the Joey Rejection Emergency Kit is enough to get you started feeding for the first couple of days. 


50g Wombaroo Milk Replacer
25g Wombaroo Nectar
2g   Wombaroo Impact Colostrum
2-   1cc feeding syringes
2-    Feeding tips

FULL - Joey Rejection Feeding Kit- Enough for 2 rejected joeys until fully weaned


250g Wombaroo Milk Replacer 
100g Wombaroo Nectar
16g   Wombaroo Impact Colostrum
3-      3cc feeding syringes
3-      1cc feeding syringes
3        Feeding tips

Joey Formula Recipe

Mix the following ingredients together:

2 Tbsp. Wombaroo Milk Replacer 
2 Tbsp. Warm, Distilled Water
1/4 tsp. Wombaroo Impact Colostrum
1 Tbsp. Wombaroo Nectar 
Then add:
2 Tbsp. Warm, Distilled Water 


Mix until smooth. Refrigerate unused portion for up to 24 hours. Do NOT freeze - the Impact Colostrum Supplement's efficacy breaks down once frozen. Formula can be frozen when made without the Impact Colostrum Supplement - which can be added later once a portion has thawed.