What is a White Face Glider

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What is a White Face Glider

The Difference between Standard Grey (aka Classic Grey) and White Face Gliders

White Face VS Standard Grey GliderStandard grey gliders are the most common color among sugar gliders and what are typically seen in the wild. They come in varying shades of gray with a dark stripe running from their tail to the tip of their head. They have dark bars that extend from their ears under their chins and this bar is the only difference to be found between Standard Grey and White Face.

White Face VS Standard Grey GliderWhite face is not considered a specific color, but rather a characteristic that can appear on any glider. Gliders who are classified as white face are missing the bar that extends under their ear towards their chin, which makes their face appear much whiter then typical Standard Greys. The white face characteristic can be bred with any coloration. This is a dominant gene meaning that only one glider of the pair require the gene to reproduce a white face offspring. If the offspring do not portray the white face characteristic, they did not receive the gene from the parent


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