Beautiful Pair of Boys Available

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Beautiful Pair of Boys Available

These boys are just the sweetest and quite the beauties as well. They are 4 years old and have been neutered and retired from our breeding program early this year. Fynn is a Ringtail Mosaic and Raphael is a Black Face Black Beauty Mosaic. They are both tame, friendly, easy to handle and enjoy being out with their people. I am looking for the perfect new home for them to live out the rest of their lives as spoiled pets. These boys will have an adoption fee and are available with extra accessories and a cage if needed (for cages you must be within driving distance). Shipping is available across Canada. 

All of our gliders have lineage in TPG Database and are fed TPG diet. We have been breeding with lineage in Canada for almost 15 years for health, temperament and beauty. All gliders go home with a health guarantee, start up package (sleeping pouch, bonding bag, diet sample) and lifelong support from Canada's longest running lineaged breeder. 

These boys, as well as any of our other gliders looking to be rehomed, can be found on our page here 


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