New Products are HERE!

New Products -

New Products are HERE!

We have some great new products in the store.  

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2% is safer to use than any other available cage cleaners. It's an easy, non-toxic disinfectant cleaning agent used by veterinarians and hospitals to clean and sanitize environmental surfaces. It is also one of the disinfecting agents in mouthwash, as well as a surgical scrub and wound cleanser. Chlorhexidine works as an antiseptic agent against a range of micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi, ringworm and yeast, completely safe for use around animals. Just a few drops will make an entire batch for cleaning so this small but powerful bottle will go a very long way.

Eucalyptus Branch Cuts for Sugar Glider Toys TreatsEucalyptus All Natural Branch Cuts are available in a number of different lengths and thickness for chewing treats, cage decor and toy making. 

A Large selection of new Toys for Foraging, Pulley Fun and Treat Stashing in sets or individually. 

Glider Medley Dried Fruit This delightful mix of low sugar dried fruits is the perfect healthy snack with an array of sweet tastes and an excellent source of vitamins Contains Glider bite size pieces of Cantaloupe, Mango, Kiwi and Coconut.