Animal Pouches and Buckets

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These incredibly adorable pouches and buckets are made with ultimate sugar glider safety in mind. Many pictures of each style to show different angles. 

Pouches have stuffed 3 dimensional heads with hanging tabs to attach to the cage on the head, tail and feet, doubling as a hammock. 3 tabs are also attached underneath the belly for hanging small toys to increase their versatility. Roomy pouches will hold multiple gliders in a comfy cozy pouch of style.

When washing 3D animals take a scrap of fleece and tie it around the neck of the animal and it will keep the fleece in the head of the animal. Wash by hand or on the gentle cycle and  hang to dry or gently on very low heat as high heat damages fleece.

Buckets are an extra large hangout space which would hold even the largest of colonies with it's huge spacious style or fill it with fleece bits and toys for an extra fun toy bin. These heads are not stuffed. 

A standard size pop can has been used to demonstrate how large these items and their pouch spaces truly are. 

Made by Tootles