Fast Track Wheel Apollo - RED

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 Available with a Floor Stand OR Cage Mount 

12” in diameter and 9 ¼” deep with bearing assembly attached

We cannot guarantee the life of a track, this is dependent upon its user.

If choosing a Cage Mount (which is an additional $5) instead of a Floor Stand, please be sure that you have heavy sturdy cage bars like a Double Critter Nation, or similar All Living Things cage. Thin bird cage bars may not be capable of withstanding the weight of the wheel and could retain damage from a Cage Mount, we can not be held responsible. For these a Floor Stand is more suitable.

  • We have no idea what type of cage you own and cannot guarantee it can/will withstand, nor uphold the weight and/or vibration of the wheel.  It is possible that cage mounted wheels will break the welds on some of the smaller wired cages.

Regular exercise is paramount for maintaining proper physical and mental health in captive Sugar Gliders.  These wheels are Approved Glider Safe made by Fast Track and have been happily used by gliders for years. Removable bearing assembly for easy cleaning.