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A great way to save on your dry goods and treats!

Package includes: Monkey Biscuits (2 bags), Insectivore Fare (1lb), Yogurt Drops (2 bags of 200g). All Natural Agave Nectar Sticks (15), Dried Papaya Spears OR Pineapple (100g), Dried Live Mealworms (40g), Glideraid Nectar (2oz) and 180 days of The Pet Glider Vitamin Supplement.

This package is designed to be fed alongside The Pet Glider Fresh Diet, instructions for which can be found on our website here (TPG) The Pet Glider Fresh Diet These foods are not to be used as a sole source of nutrition for your Sugar Gliders.   

Please keep in mind that the yogurt drops shipping in the hot summer months are very likely to melt. They will still be just as tasty for your gliders, you just may have to break them up to serve. For long term storage keep Dry Goods in the freezer and take out a weekly supply to be kept in the fridge.